Thursday, February 25, 2010

March of the Modrons - Part VII

Well, kids we're winding down our Modron parade here at Initiative or What?, so let's say we get right to a couple of powerhouses of the Modron community. In today's parade, we have the Quarton and the Tertian. (FYI, click on the image for a larger image).

First up, we have the Quarton:

Quartons are the administrators of the regions and overseers of the bureau chiefs in the Greater Modron Hierarchy. Quarton Hierarchs are largely responsible for assigning Modron resources to the correct work project, library, or army. Formidible opponents, a Quarton Hierarch will not hesitiate to summon aid if it feels it is in danger.

Next up, we introduce our third most powerful Modron, the Tertian. From here on, I created the Hierarch Modrons as Solos. This increases their power considerably, as these creatures are considerably unique.

There are a total of nine Tertians that server the Greater Modron Hierarchy as judges and final arbitrators of dispute. The Tertian Hierarchs judge Modrons and non-Modrons for crimes, oversee Modron police forces, make determinations regarding rogue Modrons, and see to it that the rules of Primus the One are carried out. Although supremely powerful in their own right, two Tertians faithfully serve each Secundus Hierarch, while one serves Primus.

Well, we're just about finished with our grand parade of the Modrons. Our next post will conclude with the most powerful Modrons of all: The Secundus and of course, Primus (The One).

Until next time...

Game excellently with one another.

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