Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March of the Modrons - Part VI

Welcome back to Initiative or What?'s feature series: The March of the Modrons!

We're getting into some pretty powerful leader types at this point. Defeating one of these guys is probably going to shake loose a cog or two from the machine that is Nirvana. Today, we take a look at two more Hierarch Modrons: The Hexton and the Quinton.

Hextons are the generals in command of the huge Modron armies fielded by the Greater Modron Hierarchy. Each Hexton Hierarch has complete mastery of the battlefield and immediate knowledge of its troops' actions and locations. When cornered, a Hexton Hierarch will use its Muster the Troops power in order to summon a force to protect it.

Quintons are the bureau chiefs and supreme record keepers of the Greater Modron Hierarchy. As a bureau chief, each Quinton Hierarch commands a tower containing the collected knowledge of the multiverse. In defense of this knowledge, each Quinton Hierarch can command a number of unusual powers. Only in desperation, will a Quinton Hierarch willfully destroy a bureau's records, however.

March of the Modrons continues with a look at Quartons and the Tertians. See you then!

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