Friday, February 19, 2010

March of the Modrons - Part IV

Welcome back to Initiative or What?'s take on Modrons for your 4e campaign.

In this installment, we take our first look at the Hierarch Modrons. These creatures (through countless trips to the energy pool) have advanced beyond ordinary worker (or base) Modrons. These creatures are dangerous and superbly adapted to life on their plane of existence.

Facing such creatures should be a challenge, so I've created each of them as Elites. In addition, each of the Hierarch Modrons is also considered a "Leader" type. With those facts in mind, lets take a look at the lowest of the Hierarch Modrons, the Decaton, and the Nonaton.

Decatons are the healers and health inspectors of the Greater Modron Hierarchy. While they are the lowest level of officials in Modron society, they are charged with overseeing Modron health and well being. Decatons are occasionally found hovering over groups of Modrons to better observe their condition.

Nonatons are the inspectors and justices of the Greater Modron Hierarchy. Stalwart and determined, Nonatons work closely with Pentadrones to make sure Modron society is orderly and peaceful. Nonatons are charged with heading up investigations of planar incursions and keeping close tabs on visiting creatures from other planes. When battling foes, a Nonaton will use its nine powerful tentacles in a combination of attacks to better bring their foes to justice.

The March continues in a couple of days where I'll introduce you the Octon and Septon.

Until next time...

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