Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things Are Afoot - A Brief Update

Greetings, All!

I really hate these "just another update, no real stuff" posts, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to let my readers know what's going on with yours truly.  I'm formulating some more interesting topics even as I type this, so stay tuned.

Gaming Front:

As usual, I'm running my monthly "Gaia's Calling" campaign for the Dead Orcs Society.  We're deep in the middle of Thunderspire Labyrinth.  It's getting to the point soon, where I'll have to be seriously home-brewing some stuff.  Don't worry, you folks will be included on some of that development fun.

I've also started another 4e game with my wife (@FELTit) as well as another couple.  This "small group" (no cool name yet), has been introduced to another section of my campaign setting (on the other end of a Shattered Continent).  I'm trying to run this as a sandbox.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm also in what was supposed to be a monthly online game with some folks in Ohio.  That's been on hiatus a couple of months, so I'm not sure what's up with our DM for that one. 

Finally, still having a blast participating in an bi-weekly campaign run by @NewbieDM.  Our Fellowship of the Tweet group is a blast.  Having said goodbye to the ill-fated Toma Tinbottom, I'm looking forward to stretching the legs of CHAZ STANDISH - FIGHTING MAN! 

Blogging Front:

I continue to try to post (on average) once a week to this blog.  I've just finished up a series on using the Swarm monster type for specific types of humanoid crowds (check the archives to the right for those posts), and hope to jump into another topic, next week. 

Really not sure what to do about my 4e Conversion for Tomb of Horrors.  I had the opportunity to view the DM Rewards version Wizards put out.  It's actually pretty good and pretty faithful to the 1st Edition version.  Of course, I don't agree with everything they did (and I think they soft balled it some.  I think what I'll probably do is do a series of posts on those rooms that I would change, instead of duplicating WotC's efforts (which are really better than I expected) entirely.

Totally enjoying my "bi-weekly, but currently running every week, but will go back to bi-weekly" DM Roundtable discussions.  It simply amazes me when so many creative minds get together and talk about DnD.  I'm grateful to my companions @ThadeousC, @DMSamuel, @SarahDarkmagic, & @KatoKatonian for providing such awesome discourse.  Come listen to us!  We even have occasional special guest celebrities such as Mike Shea from Sly Flourish!

Other Places to Find Me:

Did you catch my spot on that amazing podcast, "The DM Guys"?  Fellow bloggers @DaveTheGame, @chattydm, & @NewbieDM chat about different RPG topics.  Those guys run a classy show.  Can't thank them enough for that opportunity, and hope to be invited back again.

Hey!  I did a guest post for @ThadeousC on his blog, "This is My Game".  You can catch my guest "Ritualistically Speaking" article there.

Well, that's the news as fit to print for now.

Until next time...

Game excellently with one another.

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