Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creature Comforts - Forests

The Elves and their kin have known for centuries that living in harmony with nature is a creature comfort all its own. The vast forests of the Feywild harbor a variety of communities that make their homes within the trees. Not too surprisingly, many of these established comforts of arboreal living have made their way to the mortal realm.

Rocking to Sleep

In most forests, the trees are tall enough that their tops are gently moved by the breeze. While this motion is nearly imperceptible in tree top communities while awake, the gentle movement and quiet creaking of the branches is pronounced at nighttime. For most creatures, this motion and sound contribute to an extremely restful slumber. While not for everyone, the Elves say that the combination enables them to more fully commune with Nature.

Game Rule: A hero that takes an extended rest within a tree top community, gains a +1 bonus on Healing Surges until his next extended rest. Elves & Eladrin that take an extended rest in the tree tops gain a +1 bonus to Nature checks until their next extended rest.

Arboreal Playground

The abundance of material resources in a forest community lends itself not only to practical applications, but also to playful applications as well. Vine swings, woven ladders, and aerial walkways can be combined to provide a playground for the young and old alike. While life in the forest can be difficult, having the opportunity to play should always be considered a creature comfort.

Game Rule: A hero that spends at least an hour during an extended rest playing upon leisure equipment such as swings, ladders, etc.; gains a +1 bonus to Acrobatic checks until his next extended rest.

Bird Conservatory

Birds are a ubiquitous part of any forest environment, their voices filling the canopy with song. It’s not too surprising then, to find that certain forest communities have gathered their favorite birds to sing for them regularly. With ample nesting material and suitable food, an established bird conservatory can provide its builders with a natural chorus throughout most of the year. Listening to the birds’ simple song is relaxing, but the careful student will discover that the music they provide is actually their secret language, full of rich patterns of communication and discourse. Decoding even a tiny bit of this language can lead to better communication in the student’s own life.

Game Rule: A hero that spends at least one hour listening to the songs from a bird conservatory during an extended rest, gains a +1 bonus to Charisma based skilled checks, until the hero’s next extended rest.

As a DM, you might consider planting a few of these creature comforts within the forest communities your adventuring heroes might discover. Great examples of additional forest creature comforts can be found by watching movies such as Avatar, Robin Hood, and even Hook!

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