Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Holy Crap! Cultists!

Come with me and take a little jaunt in the Way Back Machine to 1984.  Remember a little movie called "Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom?  Of course you do.  Now, remember the scene where Indy & the crew come through the creepy bug tunnel to find a giant cave filled with sweaty worshipers of Kali?  If you were like me, there's only one thing that came into your mind when you saw all those guys...

Holy Crap!  Cultists!

Welcome back, Good Readers, to my final installment of a series on large mobs as creatures for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.  Last time, we looked at Brute Squads.  This time, we'll be taking a look at those hordes of fanatical worshipers with only one thing on their mind -- converting everyone they see to the aims of their terrible or dark god.  Oh, and yes, heroes would make an excellent sacrifice to said god.  Thank you for asking!  Of course, I speak of: Fanatical Cultists.

Fanatical Cultists are best used in those situations where you have large numbers of blindly faithful followers of some local deity.  The deity wouldn't necessarily have to be evil (or even a deity, for that matter).  In fact, fanatical cultists of a good entity would make a pretty interesting encounter.  Either way, an encounter with Fanatical Cultists might take place in some hidden temple (as per our example, above), or perhaps on a pilgrim trail to some holy (or unholy) location. 

So, with a candle in one hand, and a sacrificial dagger in the other, I present -- Fanatical Cultists!

As you'll read on the stat blocks, when a group of Fanatical Cultists is brought down to 0 hit points, it disperses into a number of Lost Souls.  Here are the stats for the appropriately tiered Lost Souls:

Well that wraps it up for this series.  I'll likely be putting together all these mobs into one .pdf document for downloadable convenience.  Hopefully, you've enjoyed this jaunt into what you can do with swarms in 4e.

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  1. Thank you for these stat blocks! The cultists will meet my needs perfectly in a few levels. Do you have the XML files available somewhere?