Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Here!

I'm probably breaking a major blogging rule here, but I wanted to let all my loyal readers know that I AM STILL HERE.

Summer is usually a slow time for the blog, as my free time (particularly at home) is filled with all sorts of activities that pull me away from the computer.  However, I am working on some exciting things, and I wanted to let everyone know what was going on with your favorite Dead Orc.

WORK PROCEEDS APACE for my ongoing project over at This Is My Game. As you might be aware, I'm working on a project to re-skin the original Star Frontiers rules into a 4e rule set. The bulk of the rules are complete, so right now, I'm working my way through the various equipment lists.  I'm trying to get these done in discreet chunks. Once the project is complete (at least where I feel comfortable), I'll probably enlist Thad's help to get it all into one volume that you can download free from the site. Keep checking the "Skin My Game" section of the site for updates!

HOLY CRAP GEN-CON IS ALMOST HERE!  That's right, kids. Yours truly, my lovely wife Anna (@FELTit on the Twitter), my youngest, and my niece are all headed up to Indy in a couple of weeks to enjoy 4 days of awesome gaming and related activities. If you're heading to the convention, look me up! I'll be Tweeting my location from time to time. There's plenty of free time built into my schedule, so come find me. If I have any left, you'll get a little tiny skull!

SECRET PROJECT!!  I'm excited to be working on a for . The is complete, so I just need to get past the and hope for a win. We shall see!

YES, I'M STILL GAMING! My Dead Orcs Society game group has been pretty faithful this summer about being able to meet our usual Once A Month. In addition, I'm getting to play my DDI Assassin character (Martin Blank) about every couple of weeks, so I'm getting to experience both sides of the game (which is great for perspective). I'm trying to figure out a way to get my "smaller group" game going again. One of the members is going to have a baby soon, so I imagine that their gaming time will be at a premium. I want to get this group going again, because I think they'll be a lot of fun.

Next week, I hope to have my official "Pre Gen-Con post" so that you folks will know what I'll be up to at the convention.

Until next time...

Game excellently with one another.

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