Thursday, October 13, 2011

Automated Treasure Finder

Greetings, everyone!

So I was chatting about treasure determination and it was mentioned that it would be nice if there was a way we could roll up treasure without having to consult a bunch of tables and things.

Well, I've done something that might ease the burden some. I built an Excel spreadsheet based on the Treasure By Party Level tables in the Dungeons & Dragons® Essentials™ Rules Compendium™.

Of course, you'll need a recent version of Excel to view this spreadsheet, so if you have that, by all means click on the indicated link: Essentials Treasure Finder

This should ease the burden some, but it won't be suitable to the truly lazy DM that wants each and every item determined by a random roll.  In other words, while the tool well tell you that you've found a Level 2 Uncommon magic item, it won't tell you WHAT item that is. As the DM, you'll have to determine that yourself.

Each tab of the spreadsheet contains the outcomes for the various character tiers: Heroic, Paragon, & Epic. Simply click F9 when the spreadsheet is loaded to "roll the dice" and determine the treasure. Click as often as you need.

The spreadsheet should be compatible with most recent versions of Excel. Feel free to adapt the spreadsheet to your own needs, but don't sell it. That wouldn't be cool.

Final note: If there are any code monkeys out there that would like to take the spreadsheet and convert it to a java tool or similar application, feel free to do so. However, if you do, please post a link that I can add to this page, so everyone else can feel the love.

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