Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mob Rules!

It's over, it's done 
The end is begun 
If you listen to fools, 
The mob rules...

      ...Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules

Greetings, All!  

So here's the thing.  I was going through the lists of monsters in the Monster Builder tool the other day, and started to think about swarms.  When you think about swarms, the mind often jumps to vermin-like creatures such as rats, snakes, and spiders.  I however, was looking for a different kind of swarm.  I wanted to see what I could do with swarms of humanoids, better known as "mobs".

Mobs can be a common hazard for heroes.  Whether they're being hunted by angry villagers, chased by determined guards, or surprised by fanatic cultists; mobs represent a threat since they combine the resources of several weak individuals into a large single-minded entity.  Difficult to disperse without area attacks and effects, a mob's brutish demeanor can only be defeated with staunch determination.

The next few posts here on Initiative or What? will deal with some mob types I've come up with.  Each of these posts will take a look at a type of mob, skinned for each tier of play.  

Today, we'll look at Angry Villagers.  Why are they gathering like that? Why are they so angry?  Why are they carrying pitchforks?  Why oh gods why is there fire?


Now...an interesting thing happens when you finally manage to disperse a mob of Angry Villagers.  Check these out:

Now I guess all we need is to team these misguided villagers up with a flesh golem from somewhere...

When I return, I'll take a look at brute squads (mobs of soldiers). 

Until next time...

Game excellently with one another.


  1. Love these! The swarm/mob template is a wonderful thing, perfect for those times when you want to have the players feel like they're battling against uncountable masses of foes.

    Looking forward to seeing how you tackle a Swarm of Dragons! :D

  2. @Greywulf. Thanks, man! These were a lot of fun to do. A Swarm of Dragons, eh? Let me practice on something easier like creating stats for a hurricane or tsunami or something. :-)