Sunday, January 09, 2011

Anticipating the New Year

Greetings, Readers!

This is the kind of post that probably should have gone up on New Year's Day, but I have a tendency to enjoy my time off work a little too much, and thus, never really got around to it.  However, on this lazy Sunday morning, I've had some time to organize my thoughts, and thought I'd let you all know what I have planned (gaming wise) for the new year.

Before I go into that list, I thought I'd do a quick reflection on the past year.  2010 was a great year for getting things going for myself in the gaming community.  Here are some of the things I got to do:

  • I got to be a guest on "The Dungeon Master Guys" A podcast by Enrique Bertran, Dave Chalker, & Phillip Menard - three guys that are probably better known by their respective handles: Newbie DM, Dave The Game, & The Chatty DM.  These three dudes are real powerhouses in the RPG blogging community, and I was grateful to talk a little bit about my RPG terrain interests.

  • Not long after that, I was invited to a gaming group started on Twitter by Newbie DM.  Together with DMSamuel, ThadeousC, SarahDarkmagic, Gamefiend, & Chatty DM we formed the "Fellowship of the Tweet".  While we only played a few times, it's been a blast getting to actually play with folks I only just used to read about.  Oh, if you run into the name, "CHAZ STANDISH - FIGHTING MAN®, that's my character in the group.  He appears on Twitter from time to time, as well.

  • Scheduling of the Fellowship of the Tweet games has been difficult, so to fill the time, ThadeousC, DMSamuel, SarahDarkmagic & Myself started hosting a regular podcast called, "The DM Roundtable".  This podcast focuses not so much on one specific game (although we do talk about Dungeons & Dragon a lot), but instead focuses on the experiences of several DMs, some with years of experience, and some who are still learning & exploring the trade. Each week we have two special guests from the RPG community (some famous, some sure to be famous) and we all tackle the important RPG subjects of the week. We've already recorded some 14 shows, and I don't think we intend to slow down for the new year.  

  • Recently, WotC launched a beta test of the new Virtual Gaming Table they are developing.  By virtue of ThadeousC  elite connections, I was invited to do one of the initial tests.  It was a real pleasure testing a gaming environment with folks like Trevor Kidd (from WotC) & WotC software developers.  It was a peek inside the industry I enjoy greatly, and while it was only one evening, it's a memory I'll keep with me for some time.

  • Finally (and certainly not least), is the writing I've been doing for ThadeousC at his fantastic web site - This Is My Game.  I've been contributing some flavor text for Thad's "Ritualistically Yours" posts, as well as contributing a series of columns about converting Star Frontiers to the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.  The posts seem to be pretty well received thus far, encouraging me to continue into the new year.

Despite the great fun I had last year involving myself with the RPG community, I am looking forward to some of the things I have planned for 2011.  While everything can change at a moment's notice (as life has a way of doing), here are some things I'm hoping to get done in 2011:

  • Appear (alongside with my wife) on a Jennisode!  This is scheduled for January, and I look forward to seeing what kind of questions Trapcast Jenn will throw at us.  Jenn has had a number of game designers, bloggers, and RPG community members on her excellent podcasts.  My wife & I are flattered to have made this illustrious list of guests!

  • Continue with DM Roundtable episodes.  With any luck, Thad can arrange for those of us attending Gen-Con this year to have a panel discussion with all you other fantastic gamers out there.  We plan to continue having great guests on the show, important movers & shakers in the game designer community.  

  • Actually attend Gen-Con this year.  It's been about 6 years since I last went, and I miss the chaos a good gaming convention can muster.  A first for this year:  My wife, Anna, (@FELTit on Twitter) is going with me.  My plan to turn her into a rabid gaming geek proceeds apace. I also hope to game with some of the great friends I've met on Twitter & in the RPG blogging community.  August might be a ways off, but it's gonna come on fast!

  • I hope to actually move my blog this year.  I'll probably go to a Wordpress blog, as there are tools there that Blogger just doesn't have a good handle on.  While I'm "fairly" web savvy, I'm not a coding genius or anything, so I hope I'll be able to wrangle some support from the community to make the switch.  I don't have the move scheduled out yet, but I'll be sure to keep you Readers posted so you know where to look.

  • Finally, like most good gaming nerds, I'm working on a SECRET PROJECT.  This one's a business venture, so I'm keeping the details pretty close to the vest, but I hope to have made some progress on this one by spring.  Stay Tuned!

Well Readers, those are the big pots that I have bubbling at the moment.  With everything going on, I really hope it turns out to be a GREAT YEAR!  Please allow me to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  My hope is that yours will be as great as mine!

Until next time...

Game excellently with one another.

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